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As a global leading GPS brand, Mio has a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment and society. We are continuously improving our environmental impact during the product lifecycle by reducing product size and weight, removing hazardous substances, improving manufacturing processes and designing more easily recyclable products. As well as improving our product’s impact on the environment, we also actively consume less energy and resources throughout all aspects of our work environment around the world to protect earth. Our employees also regularly participate in environmentally friendly activities to contribute to the places they live.

Mio’s approach towards the environment can be summarized in the following areas:

  • Prevention of global warming
  • Recycling
  • Managing the use of chemical substances

Prevention of global warming

It is widely believed that the increase in the average temperatures of the earth in 20th century is caused by increasing concentration of greenhouse gases from human activities. If continued, it is projected that it will endanger human life.

At Mio, we take as many actions as we can to reduce CO2 emissions which are a major part of greenhouse gases. As the result, each year, we are able to save a significant amount of CO2 emissions.

Below is a summary of the actions Mio has taken:

  • Reduced product weight and size to save fuel consumption during transportation.
  • Reduced package sizes to reduce the number of flights needed for transportation.
  • Reduced the number of materials which cause CO2 emissions during their production in our products.
  • Reduced unnecessary electricity consumption in Mio’s global offices.
  • Implemented e-documentation to save paper consumption.
  • Implemented the use of virtual servers to save electricity consumption.
  • Introduced solar as an alternative energy source to heat water in factory dormitories in China.
  • Designed an economical routing mode in our Spirit navigation software to minimize fuel usage.
  • Encouraged Mio employees to car pool for commuting to work and to reduce CO2 emissions from cars.
  • Mio employees have joined regular cycling tours to promote a low carbon lifestyle.